Amazing Facts That Nobody Knows

Life is full of complexities when you try to understand its concept about humans, emotions, different traditions, cultures, nature and its resources etc. Some can even amaze you with their beauty and the basis of their existence.

Well here is the list of amazing facts that nobody knows:

Fact 1:

Eating a meal or a snack before going to bed increases your metabolism and body temperature, increasing your chances of having nightmares.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: nightmare

Fact 2:

The more often you see someone, the more attractive you think that person is – this is called the mere-exposure effect.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: attraction

Fact 3:

Listening to music helps to reduce the amount of time you think you’ve to wait; this is why music is great for long trips.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: music

Fact 4:

Humans have more empathy for dogs than they do for other humans.

Amaging facts that nobody knows: human and dog

Fact 5:

A study found that only half of your friends would consider you their friend. People have a very poor perception of friendship ties.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: friends

Fact 6:

According to a 2011 survey, 4 percent of lost remote controls are in the fridge or freezer.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: remote control

Fact 7:

A survey found that 85% of recent college grads are confident that they’ll find work in their chosen field, but only about two-thirds actually will.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: jobs

Fact 8:

The average woman owns 10 times more makeup than they use.

Amazing Facts that nobody knows: makeup

Fact 9:

Try foods that you hated as a kid, your taste buds change every seven years and you’re very likely to enjoy most of the foods you disliked.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: food

Fact 10:

If you spot a cockroach less than one inch inside your house, it’s an outside cockroach that found its way in. But if it’s greater than one inch, it lives in your home and has plenty of buddies.

Amazing facts that nobody knows: cockroaches


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